We are excited to announce that clients will soon have the opportunity to benefit from our Clinical Pilates offering at Haven Studios. Our Clinical Reformer classes are designed to keep you moving and to improve your quality of day-to-day life.

Clinical Pilates bridges the gap between physiotherapy and Reformer Pilates.
Our Clinical Reformer Pilates classes will offer clients the unique opportunity to train specifically on their fitness goals with a personal assessment and customised training program from our Clinical Pilates instructor.

We will work according to your physiotherapist’s recommendations, and referral where needed, to support you to move functionally and become pain-free over a number of sessions. Our Clinical Reformer classes have a maximum of three clients per class, allowing each client to work to their own individual plan for a number of sessions before feeling confident to move on to our general Reformer Pilates classes to manage and maintain their results.

“Change happens through movement and movements heals” -Joseph Pilates