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Our Approach

Step into Haven Studios for a Reformer Pilates experience like no other; build strength and flexibility, be part of our Pilates community and look forward to some time out designed just for you. Enjoy the Haven experience and feel great after every class.

Our small group classes cater for all levels of fitness and every body type. Whether you are 18 or 80, athletic, prenatal, returning to exercise after a break or for the first time, our classes are tailored to meet your individual fitness and wellbeing goals.

Reformer Pilates at Haven Studios will help you reach your body’s full potential in strength, flexibility and mobility in a controlled and relaxed environment. Each class is designed to challenge your core strength while supporting your mind and body to work in unison through our Pilates principles. This holistic approach creates balance and general well-being physically and mentally for a full body approach to your training.

Class Structure

Our classes are structured in six-week block terms that deliver consistency, accountability and measurable results. After just six-weeks, you will see and feel the impact of Reformer Pilates, from the joy of increased movement without pain and strength to comfortably lift more than before. Our small tight knit classes offer the unique opportunity to train both individually and as part of a peer group and embark on each weekly challenge and see the changes in your body.

From time to time, we may offer shorter terms and single class options if you want to try out a class, or step-up your training. Our single classes are available to book online under the single class option. Please get in touch using our contact form if you would like further information.

Classes Available Now

Introductory Class

Meet the dream machine of Pilates, the Reformer, and find out what Reformer Pilates is all about in this single, small group introductory class.

Under the guidance of one of Haven’s qualified, advanced Pilates Instructors, you will work through the foundations of Reformer Pilates, getting to know your body, the machine and the exercise movements for a full body workout.

Suitable for absolute beginners, people new or returning to exercise and those with a curiosity!

Class duration: 50 minutes
Single, introductory class when scheduled
€22.50 for single class

Beginner Level 1

Embark on your Reformer Pilates journey in Beginner Level 1.

Your qualified, advanced Pilates Instructor will challenge, progress and modify your workout to suit you. Learn the basic principles of Reformer Pilates and how to apply them for a full body workout focused on core strength, spinal mobility and stability – while conditioning the entire body through movement.

€22.50 for single class
€125.00 for 6 week term

Mixed Level 1/2

Ready for a challenge? This level is for those familiar enough with the basics and keen to work further on the fundamentals of strength and flexibility under control.

Clients must be comfortable with a mix of both beginner and more progressive improver movements including further flexion and extension of the spine and core engagement.

€22.50 for single class
€125.00 for 6 week term

Intermediate Level 2

Level it up! At Level Two we bring the heat with intermediate to more advanced movements and a faster pace.

Clients are familiar with the basics of form, posture and alignment and understand core is key. Now it is time to challenge! Our qualified, advanced instructor will guide and assist you to engage with more intermediate movements on the Reformer Pilates machine.

€125.00 for 6 week term

Athletic Level 2/3

Challenge accepted! This class is for the more experienced client. We push you to your limits in strength, flexibility, mobility and stamina.

Every part of your body is challenged with more intermediate and advanced movements on the Reformer Pilates machine. Transitions and class flow at this level are quicker and more advanced. You will move, bend and stretch like never before.

€125.00 for 6 week term

Natal Reformer

Nourish your body and mind as we look after you and your baby in this comprehensive natal reformer class.

This fun and active class is specifically designed for prenatal clients and new mums. The course comprises a gentle mix of movements to stretch and strengthen the body in a completely controlled environment. We will focus on core strength, pelvic floor, spinal mobility, upper and lower body and flexibility while maintaining a level of general fitness.

Babies are welcome to attend the class with mum until baby is crawling. 

€125.00 for 6 week term

Men Only

Here come the boys! While the majority of our classes are mixed, sometimes the men just want to train together. We get it – and we plan for it!

In this class we target the usual trouble spots for men including core, lower back, hips, hamstrings and glutes. We deliver a full body workout and challenge your strength and flexibility throughout the class. Dynamic stretching and strengthening exercises are key and you will feel every minute!

€125.00 for 6 week term

I’ve been taking classes with Audrey in Haven Studios for a year now and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Audrey is an amazing teacher, very professional and attentive. It is extremely important to me as I have a disability, so Audrey is always very attentive to the level of exercises I should do.

I have been taking classes twice a week and I could really feel and see the difference with respect to the strength of my body and flexibility. Again, this is of extreme importance because of my hips issue. It’s quite an amazing and rewarding feeling to see the progression throughout the year and to be able to do exercises I wasn’t able to do at the beginning!

Since it’s been so good, for the next term I’ve enrolled myself for 3 classes a week!

Michal Alfasi Hanley