The Space & Time To Invest In You...

The Haven Studio Difference

Step into Haven Studios for a unique wellness experience that nourishes your mind, body and soul. With a calming, tranquil environment that offers a retreat from the busy outside world, we support your wellness journey with personalised Reformer Pilates programs based on your individual fitness goals.

Full body results

Our unique approach to your physical and mental wellness is based on a six-week block of small group classes designed to ensure consistency, accountability and real results. Consistency is key to real, long-term results and that’s why our Reformer Pilates classes are structured in term blocks and rather than drop-in classes.

Expert, dedicated instructors

Our caring, friendly instructors are fully qualified, advanced clinical Pilates instructors with a passion for Reformer Pilates, ensuring a premier experience for every client in every class. From the moment you book your first class to the completion of your program, we are committed to developing our relationship with you to demonstrate real benefits of Reformer Pilates.

A vibrant, friendly Pilates community

Embark on your Reformer Pilates journey at Haven Studios with like-minded peers for a rewarding wellness experience. Share your key learnings, celebrate your achievements and stop off at Studio Brew for a cuppa and catch-up with new friends.

A welcoming, relaxed environment

There’s nothing quite like Haven Studios for a serene vibe that nurtures your spirit! Relax in our bright, modern studio and enjoy the benefits of Reformer Pilates in time dedicated just for you.

Small group classes

With classes limited to just eight people, you will enjoy individual attention and targeted exercises to support your body to reach its full potential. Immerse yourself in our program and understand Reformer Pilates in its entirety to reap the benefits of structured and consistent training.

Studio Brew: our stylish coffee shop

Studio Brew at Haven studios is the ideal place to refuel after your Pilates session and catch up with friends. With a rich, signature coffee, fresh pastries and snacks and an uplifting ambience, Studio Brew combines your love for Pilates with your love for coffee!

Great classes. Audrey is a very attentive instructor and makes sure each individual is positioned properly during exercises.

I’ve been doing mat Pilates for almost 2 years after back surgery to help strengthen core and back decided to try next level with reformer classes when Audrey opened in April, I’ve just booked in for third term of 6 week block, loving the classes, I feel so refreshed and full of energy after them.

We used jumpboards at this weeks class, great fun, similar feeling to being on a trampoline, you nearly forget your doing squats!! while extending one leg in the air at same time, lots of giggles in the class while getting a cardio workout, win win. 👍

Mary Keating Gordon