Core Strength For Mind & Body...

What Is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is a dynamic and results-based approach to fitness that uses the unique Reformer machine to strengthen, increase flexibility and enhance mobility. It was developed by physical trainer Joseph Pilates in the early 1920s, who believed “modern” life-style, poor posture and ineffective breathing formed the basis of ill health.

What is the Reformer machine?

The Reformer machine resembles a bed with a moving compartment, springs, ropes, straps and winches. At Haven Studios, we use the Reformer to create a new dimension to Pilates by adding support and resistance to the exercises. The machine’s springs and ropes are specifically designed to support you to work in the horizontal plane, reducing any weight bearing load on your body. The repertoire of exercises available is greatly increased on the Reformer providing far more variety for clients.

Reformer Pilates places special emphasis on core strength. Movements on the Reformer can work muscles through a large range of motions which is ideal for building and toning muscles as well increasing stability through the joints. At Haven Studios we will continually challenge you to focus on strengthening your core while conditioning your mind and body to work together creating an entire body workout from head to toe.

Who is Reformer Pilates suitable for?

Reformer Pilates is for everybody. The Reformer does not discriminate by age, gender, level of ability or mobility. It will strengthen, lengthen and challenge at all levels. Our clients range from those who have never exercised before, through to advanced sportspeople and athletes and everybody in between. We use Reformer Pilates to rehab, prehab and challenge general over all fitness for everybody at every age.

New clients are welcomed at Level One and introduced to basic movements on the Reformer under our expert guidance to ensure a safe and fun full body workout in a calm and relaxing environment. As you move through the levels, we focus on increasing the challenge for core, strength, flexibility and mobility.

I love classes ! it’s my second term with Audrey and I really enjoy it. It helps to build core strength, great spine support and stretch. Really recommending Audrey who is a very professional instructor and I love attending classes.
Agnieszka Brygman